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Midlife What?!

Certainly not CRISIS, how-about Midlife CHANGE, time to start something new, fresh and different.

As we enter our mid-forties and beyond we can find that lots of change be thrust upon us. It may be the bittersweet experience of our children leaving home, to start a life on their own or life's natural process, that ultimately takes our loved ones away as they get older. Sadly this can often be a time that our long-term relationships breakdown, many different factors contributing to the decision that you want to part ways. We ourselves aren't always as fit and healthy as we once were and sometimes have to deal with both short and long term illnesses. It also could be that you find yourself redundant from a career that you spent many years dedicated to or you even chose now's the right time to retire early from that role.

At these moments in our lives, we can find ourselves fearful, not scared exactly but as we are unsure of the future, nothing is as we knew it, that uncertainty affects us to our core. This is when we need coaching the most. A trained coach can help you see through these times and to a new, exciting future.

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