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Helping you do YOU the best way possible

I have a background of being a Restorative Justice Practitioner, which lead me to a place where I wanted to help people understand what is within themselves. As a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, I have the skills and techniques which will assist me in helping you. I am also brimful of life experiences, nothing will surprise or shock me and I relish anything complex and different. With me you will relax, feel comfortable and with my completely non-judgemental style, feel happy to share.

We all have a story, this is mine so far...

Well a brief summary of it anyway, hmm where do I start! Ok, I'm the eldest of two, I have a younger brother. From a young teenager I became very self sufficient and independent. I studied Business and worked in a Tech company until I had wanderlust and decided to go travelling. I return to set up my own business. Moving forward a few years, I marry, followed a few years later by the birth of my first son. A couple of months after the birth of my second son, my husband is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he dies the following year, yes he dies, I know, that's not supposed to happen. I'm left feeling a bomb has just gone off in my perfect world, at the age of 33, I am a widow with two very young gorgeous sons, oh and a loving dog! I'm proof life goes on, with it's twists and turns, I had a new relationship that lasted only a few years but did give me my wonderful third son. I spent many years on my own after that, just enjoying raising my boys. At one stage we all lived in Vancouver, at another I juggled trying to run a business as well and at another stage I studied law. I have had to deal with my fair share of early deaths, when I was 40 my mother died and when I was 45 my father died, it was definitely a good job that I had within me that strong independent girl from when I was young. Fast forwarding to the present day, I am a proud mum as I watch my two eldest sons become engineers and my youngest son who has ADHD enjoy life to the full and thrive, as well as being lucky to find love again. I am so pleased I became a Life Coach, it feels the most natural thing for me to be, particularly after years of Restorative Justice work.


“When looking for a life coach for a family member Jude was an obvious choice. She combines a non judgemental and down to earth approach with a real desire and focus to bring about change. Jude is also very personable and makes people feel at ease, with a deep understanding of which coaching techniques will be most beneficial."


"Fantastic coach who is really engaged with you as an individual and is very open and understanding. Has definitely been a help in simplifying my issues and honing in methods and approaches with moving forward."


"Working with Jude, I found her energy and ability to get things done inspiring. Combined with her talent for making you feel relaxed and asking powerful questions, I would always leave feeling invigorated and full of possibilities."
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